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IDC / SPC Management Workshop

IDC / SPC Management Workshop - 3 Hours

This training aims to provide participants with the basic theoretical understanding and clinical skills to safely undertake the care and management of an IDC/SPC ensuring infection control protocols are adhered to at all times resulting directly in participant and client safety.

Manual Handling Workshop

Course Delivery Structure:

The workshops are delivered in small groups to provide individual attention to each participant to maximise their understanding of the topic. This also means it gives the participant sufficient time to practice and become familiar with the organisation’s equipment and procedures. This enables the participant to provide the client with a high standard of quality care in a safe environment.


By the end of this course each candidate will:

    • Be able to identify indications for IDC and SPC use
    • Be aware of IDC/SPC policies and protocols
    • Have basic knowledge of and terminology of the Renal(Urinary)System
    • Determine appropriate uses of leg bag and night bag management systems
    • IDC/SPC care and management
    • Be able to identify complications associated with SPC/IDC’s
    • Understand the importance of fluid balance charting with such devices
    • Provide an understanding of the legal requirements of reporting and documentation


The workshop includes face to face theory, practical demonstration, and practice and assessment components.


Please contact us for corporate packages and pricing. This workshop can be delivered at the organisation’s site upon request.

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